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Release Blitz + Review: King of Hearts | Old Money Roulette Series by Natalie Bennett

The road to hell…

Well, there is no road to hell.

I already live there.

I was forced to partake in a rigged game of seduction, manipulation, and

Mateo Remmington is my formidable opponent.

He makes the devil look like a saint.

He’s immoral. He’s ruthless.

He’s a goddamn king. King of a clandestine empire who sits on a throne covered in innocents’ blood. I’ve become his obsession. 
He’s becoming my deadly addiction.

And if I make one wrong move he’ll end my life. 

18+ This trilogy contains various dark themes and subject matter.


5 stars

Dark Romance | Suspense | Erotica | Adult Fiction

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy during a blog tour with Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review***

Well hot diggity dog…. I am just…. well now I am just completely beguiled. The writing style of Natalie is just beyond stunningly twisted and above all delicious. King of Hearts was a whirlwind of events, leaving me questioning every angle more than I did in Queen of Diamonds. More questions and less answers, yet here I am drooling with the prospect of diving into Ace of Spades.

Elena is still an interesting factor to me. Mateo on more than one occasion describes her as this ‘pristine canvas’ or that he wants to ‘dirty her up’ for her future life. And in fact Elena does come off as this more innocent factor, yet she isn’t. Maybe it is the influence of Mateo or her own curiosity, but she is definitely a go-getter personality. Innocent, perhaps even naive or not, she wants to be bad, she wants to see where this world leads her because she sees only Mateo. She may have started this game with wanting to discover the truth about her sister, but the more and more she allows herself to be controlled, lead into this dark world with Mateo, she is getting closer tot he answers but does she really care? Only if Mateo is there…

Of course on the other hand we have Mateo, still the pensive drug lord who even sets fire to my loins. He is this bone chilling character who exudes nothing short of dangerous sex appeal – he has secrets. As King of Hearts continued to grow, we see the backbone of Mateo, getting little pieces to what is actually making the story tick. Though I am still conflicted with a multitude of questions, one thing remains, he is absolutely infatuated with Elena. But again, the questions – so many! Does Elena know Mateo from her past? Why is he killing for Elena, what purpose does she really serve? And the flipping book! Why did Eva do what she did? This all ties back to Elena… WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?! 

Seriously, Mateo and Elena were intoxicating. Every moment they were together, whether it was arguing or sexual encounter, the obsession between them was very much burning off the pages. They have this dark, consuming passion between them – this game they are playing makes everything about them intense.

Aside from the toxic, captivating chemistry between Mateo and Elena, there were some more additives to the King of Hearts than the main characters. It was the secondary characters that started to add more suspenseful drama to the plot mix. Elias was definitely a key point in whatever plan Mateo has for devolving Elena into whatever it is he has planned for her, which appears to be his queen. And again this leads me to more questions – everyone is just a ploy in whatever game Mateo is playing but yet the group of his seems to be very well aware of the rules…. as the reader we are sitting on the edge of our seats from Elena’s perspective, figuring out the truth of Eva, as well as what is in store for Elena. 

Definitely, hands down this is a phenomenal, mind blowing series. I am curious as to what goes on in the mind of Natalie at this point – holy snap! Between the murder, the blood, the web of dramatically catastrophic building that went into this plot all spiraling down to the sex – I am floored. I am really curious as to what is in store for this twisted, delicious couple.  

I need to know now! 


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Releasing June 22, 2018

Author Bio

Natalie Bennett is your average socially awkward author that turns her spontaneous head ramblings into stories. 

She has a penchant for writing about villainous immoral men, crazed anti-heroines, and tends to deviate away from traditional HEA’s.

She likes chocolate, Netflix, and Prickly Pear Margaritas.

When she isn’t writing she’s hanging out with her husband and their three boys.

You can find Natalie on Social Media!

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