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Review: A Shameless Little Lie | Shameless Series by Meli Raine

SHAMELESS LITTLE LIEI did it. I admit it. 

I fell in love with Silas. My bodyguard. My protector. 

My new informant. 

We’re playing a cat-and-mouse game. I’m not sure whether I’m the cat or the mouse, but I can definitely tell I’m in a trap. 

A trap with no way out. 

I’m not who everyone thought I was. The truth is out there, finally turning the lie about me inside out. I am the shameless little lie. It’s finally been revealed, and now even more people want to kill me. 

As a presidential campaign hangs in the balance, a delicate web of international relations and economic stability at risk, power becomes more important than anything else. 

Even my life. 

Especially my life. I’m a nothing. A no one. Just a tool, remember? 

But tools can be used to open locks. Cracking open the truth and exposing it could change the balance of power. Tip the scales. Make a presidential campaign turn on a dime. 

Too bad Silas doesn’t believe me when I tell the truth. 

And that may make him the biggest tool of all. 

5 stars

Romance | Suspense | Adult Fiction | Contemporary

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy during a blog tour hosted by Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review***

Just…. whoah. 

Yeah, that is all I got for you on that one – I mean really cheese and flipping crackers that was one hell of a ride; I may or may not still be falling down for this. Seriously it was a swift kick to my gut, I am beyond conflicted. 

As always Raine does not disappoint. A Shameless Little Lie is as powerful as its previous. The plot continues to grow into such a complex and depth defying multitude that my head is still spinning from the plot twists and turns. Engaging doesn’t even skim the surface. Every chapter is a page turner in its own right, by the end of each scene or pivotal moment that changes the balance of the characters dynamics I am left craving more. 

The pace was absolutely phenomenal, I cannot gush enough. Every moment I am left with a cluster fuck of details and not one can I connect. Seriously I cannot trust anyone – everyone is a possible threat or liar. Answers leading to more questions and more drama. 

Again, just wow.

Yeah, I am being serious, that is where I am with this review.

So what did Raine give the reader this go other than more pieces to the puzzle that is the never ending catastrophic plot? Well lets see – A Shameless Little Lie continues on with our amazingly fierce heroine, Jane as the perspective. She is our only light in this tunnel feeding us nuggets as she discovers the truth. My sweet little Jane. Oh how I wish I could just snuggle her up. She is the target and everyone is lining up for practice. I mean I get it, the rumors and everyone being fed so many different stories while Jane is sitting there screaming to defend herself or sinking in the corner wishing to be invisible. There is only so much a reader can take. 

Then we have the delicious, misguided yet swoon worthy Silas. Oh my lanta how I really want in his head. If that is one thing missing is to just KNOW what and why he ticks the way he does…  Silas is such an amazing character, really he is. He is the anti-climatic sympathetic hero. That is the best way to describe him. One minute he is there, and I mean he is balls to the wall all in and then at the peak he is pushed to a point where he coils away. My heart cannot take it.

Silas’s push and pull really affect the romance. Silas finally believes Jane isn’t guilty of anything that is happening (or is he…) really trusting her to the point they dive head first into this all consuming, just powerfully beautiful relationship. They revolve around one another and it just just breath taking. Of course their chemistry may be this steam rolling adventure but there is still this huge issue between them – Jane has a careless strike in her when it comes to taking risks to figure out the truth while Silas moves more and more towards the left side as more lies are spread. 

This puts a tremendous trust issue between Silas and Jane. It was catastrophically huge at the climax of the plot while I choked on my own tears screaming: WHY? Surprisingly in the midst of the romance that is deliciously toxic to my optimistic swoonage, the secondary characters that some hits and more flight in this novel. I love the developments I am seeing with Lindsay and Jane – just interesting might I say.

Bottom line I am in love. I can’t stop, won’t stop gushing about this book, hell this series. I have completely devoured it! I do believe my heart is still pounding from that cliffhanger. Yep – it is definitely still pounding. I need more! So this is me… I am heading to A Shameless Little Bet and I am ready for the ride of my life.

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