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Review: A Shameless Little Con | Shameless Series by Meli Raine


I never betrayed my friend.

Last year, I was kidnapped along with presidential candidate’s daughter Lindsay Bosworth, forced to help her assailants, my mother implicated in one of the biggest political scandals in American history.

I’ve been cleared of any wrongdoing, but that doesn’t matter. Once you’re tried by the media, you’re guilty as sin. The truth doesn’t get the public’s attention.

But shame? Shame sells. And everyone assumes you’re tainted. Now I have my own personal security team, courtesy of the United States government. Not the one you learned about in civics class, though.

I’m being tracked by the deep state. The shadow government. They’ve assigned Silas Gentian to be with me twenty-four seven. He thinks he knows everything about me – all of it bad — and he does.

On paper.

Like everyone else, he assumes I’m a traitor. A backstabber. A betrayer. Someone who helped a group of violent psychopaths, puppets of powerful men in Washington who made me into a tool.

Yet I see how he looks at me. True desire can’t be faked. Or hidden. And that goes both ways. He assumes I’m trying to fool him. And he might be right. But not for the reasons he thinks.

5 stars

Romance | Suspense | Adult Fiction | Contemporary

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy during a blog tour hosted by Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review***

I feel like my heart has been ripped from my chest and stomped on. Literally I am an emotional wreck after reading A Shameless Little Con. I previously read the Harmless Series, LOVED it, couldn’t pull my eyes from that kick ass trilogy, so obviously signing up for this was a no brainier in my book. 

Absolutely killer, just phenomenal start to a new trilogy. my heart is still pounding from the possibilities. 

 I will give a quick disclaimer before I dive in – The Shameless Trilogy is Jane Borokov’s story in paired with Silas. So obviously a romance of sorts, but that isn’t the disclaimer. Even though you can definitely read this trilogy as a standalone, it is fierce, fantastically paced novel with stunning character dynamics and twists in a web of drama that is a true page turner however if you have not read Harmless prior, I personally recommend you stop and read that trilogy first. Again, Shameless trilogy is about Jane but it is a domino plot from her friend Lindsay Bosworth who starred in Harmless Trilogy with Drew. It really feeds into the plot beautifully and honestly you will be missing out if you skip, that cliffhanger in A Harmless Little Plan was goryhell delicious and really sets a tone going into A Shameless Little Con… Think of it as a continuation trilogy honestly, but again you can read it without going backwards but I HIGHLY recommend you do.

Alighty then… comrades – crime scene tape tampered, we’re going in.

A Shameless Little Con is told from one perspective – Jane. Jane is surrounded by a web of deceit, life threatening mutiny, and one hell of a soap opera. As the heroine she is a badass in every right. She has this thick as knives personality, battling with her emotions of the swirling drama and media around her, trying to claim her innocence while really being in such a vulnerable state, really no one really allows her to be strong. But she is. She has her broken moments, she has her weak moments and for that she is so believable as a fictional female that she was a breath of fresh air. There was one scene in particular that stuck out to me, when everyone basically had her backed into a corner, trying to make her feel inferior I screamed at the book: WHY NOT LET HER DIE THEN IF YOU ARE ALL BLAMING HER… and what did she do? She fucking said it. Jane was beautifully broken and yet she was this captivating woman who was going to take over the world, she was innocent and I cannot wait for that moment.

Silas on the other hand irked me, but not unjustified yet I swoon for him. Silas is assigned to Jane as her bodyguard, he treats her with enough respect that he is paid to do – not allowing her to be killed, but honestly he is a complete asshole. He looks down on her like she is garbage. Again, no one deserves this treatment, but he wasn’t entirely in the wrong. He believed everyone over this girl and why not, the media really played a huge factor in pointing the blame, and he believed Jane was apart of the team that aided in the kidnapping of Lindsay. 

Eventually as the plot thickens, Jane and Silas are thrown at one another, this of course leads to him really starting to warm up to the idea that maybe Jane wasn’t responsible. Obviously because this is a romance I have to dive into it just a smidge…. it was a delicious slow burn that still sends goosebumps down my arms. There really starts to build not on a romantic bond but a mutual level of respect and trust between them – like it is Silas and Jane against the world. And before you ask – no sex in this one kiddos, just some drool worthy groping with some sweet secret moments that make any girl go awe.

Aside from the obvious romance that is blooming, there are other HUGE factors that made this such an eye gauging read…. The drama levels were intense. Every chapter was filled with more lies, more deceit, and honestly at this point I am not entirely sure if Jane is innocent or hell who can actually be trusted. There are webs, twists and turns to the storyline that my head is still reeling. The secondary characters really play a pivotal role in the dynamics of both the overall development towards the plot (and closer to the truths…) but has a huge pull on how the main characters interact towards one another.

It is one domino puzzle piece after another, falling round and round the rabbit hole is never ending. Just maybe we will learn the truth – what really happened? Who is really reasonable for the kidnapping of Lindsay and Jane? And who is behind everything now… Everyone is dropping like flies around Jane and I have an inkling what is going on but I know if anything from the Harmless series I am going to be dead wrong – it will be so much more. 

Oh my lanta I cannot stop gushing. This was hands down one of the best heart pounding reads. It was beyond fast paced description, it consumed me. It was intense, it was complex and the depth of each twist and turn was stunning. Raine really lives up to all my expectations when I read her books. A Shameless Little Con is just the tip of the iceberg, I can feel it. She has completely beguiled me – heart and soul. 

…This is me walking away now – see you in A Shameless Little Lie

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