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Review: Riven by Roan Parrish

RIVENTheo Decker might be the lead singer of Riven, but he hates being a rock star. The paparazzi, the endless tours, being recognized everywhere he goes—it all makes him squirm. The only thing he doesn’t hate is the music. Feeling an audience’s energy as they lose themselves in Riven’s music is a rush unlike anything else . . . until he meets Caleb Blake Whitman. Caleb is rough and damaged, yet his fingers on his guitar are pure poetry. And his hands on Theo? They’re all he can think about. But Caleb’s no groupie—and one night with him won’t be enough.

Just when Caleb is accepting his new life as a loner, Theo Decker slinks into it and turns his world upside-down. Theo’s sexy and brilliant and addictively vulnerable, and all Caleb wants is another hit. And another. That’s how he knows Theo’s trouble. Caleb can’t even handle performing these days. How the hell is he going to survive an affair with a tabloid superstar? But after Caleb sees the man behind the rock star, he begins to wonder if Theo might be his chance at a future he thought he’d lost forever.

5 stars

Romance | M/M Romance | Contemporary | Adult Fiction

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***

Whew… that cover – seriously, that cover alone gives me the chills… 

Not just the cover either, but Riven slayed me in every imaginable way possible. It gutted me from the inside out leaving me there to pick up the pieces of emotions I shed during this read. Honestly five stars isn’t enough to gush over how much I truly loved reading this novel. It blew me away. 

So I am sure you are more than curious as to what the hell made this such a spectacular read for me? Because honestly I can tell you right now this is fighting for top read of 2018 as of right now for me…

First and foremost the characters were a HUGE impact on everything. There was this dynamic that both their personalities played on the plot that really made everything perfection even before the chemistry was established, which was established pretty much right at the first meeting. Told from both perspectives of Theo and Caleb, you really get a huge dive on what makes both men tick. Their fears, their pain, what makes them happy – it is a multitude of all blends with some spice. 

Theo on the one hand is currently the younger man, living the dream in the music world but he isn’t happy. And not your typical, meh moody broody kind of guy, no he is legitimately unhappy with being famous in the band. Like most of his life, feeling out of place both in his educational world and in his home life, and now in his own band world he still feels like a third wheel – a burden to people. Theo’s story literally brought tears to my eyes. Every moment he broke down or opened his shell of secrets, my heart broke more and more for him. The urge to reach out and just soothe him was my biggest issue, I needed him to find peace with himself that he was worthy because I know the feeling, I felt such a connection to his character it still jerks at my heart. On the other spectrum we have the delicious and mysterious Caleb. Caleb was somewhat in the same boat, keeping many people at arms length, even himself due to his troubling past when he was a famous rockstar. I liked his rugged personality, he was sweet, had this ability to make you swoon yet question every move he made, hell he double checked and second guessed his own moves… 

I think this is what their chemistry was this all consuming passion. It was mouth watering with this haunting depth. Not just because of their shared passion for music. They shared such a huge empathetic emotion for one another that it was both crippling and beautiful in one round. Both men were immediately captivated by the other, almost obsessively but they constantly hesitate or they would overcompensate the situation that their relationship really struggled. I think for me, reading their story I felt that they had this push and pull gravity towards one another, but at the same time they weren’t sure how to evolve together because they had such trust issues not with just their surroundings and their circle of friends, but even themselves. Not only was their relationship about finding the passion and love between each other as healthy and beautiful, but also finding that in themselves. 

I know that sounds oh so cheesy, but it is the BEST way I can describe what their romance did for me. The emotions that balled themselves from my chest were absolutely heartrending. Their everything was perfection – I am still reeling from it. 

I said it before and I say it now, this book ripped me to shreds. It was effortlessly beautiful writing dynamics with characters that took my breath away. Theo and Caleb were just this powerful connection that left me sobbing like a child or smiling like a fool. The passion between them particularly seeped from the pages. I felt their anguish, pain, laughs, hell their sexual connection was beaver drool worthy; everything about Theo and Caleb just surpassed my every expectation when I read this book. It is a phenomenal read that I can promise will be a reread constantly. 

3 thoughts on “Review: Riven by Roan Parrish”

  1. This book was already on my TBR but your beautiful review makes me want to read it right now… but I didn’t get the ARC and I’m not sure I’ll be able to buy it 😭😭😭
    Love the way you described your feelings while reading. You have a wonderful way with words. I will never be able to write like that and it makes me jealous 😜😜😜
    Looking forward to read more of your reviews 👍👍

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