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Review: Until You Are Mine | Until You Series by D.M. Davis

UNTIL YOU ARE MINEThe Until You Series continues with Until You Are Mine, the tension-filled sequel to Until You Set Me Free:
Heartbreak comes in many forms.
Sometimes someone breaks your heart.
Sometimes life does the breaking.
And sometimes, just sometimes, you break your own heart to save the ones you love.
Samantha did what she had to do to protect the man she loves.
Joseph will do whatever he has to for the woman he loves.
But a murderer has other plans.
Can Joseph and Samantha find their way back to each other before time runs out?
Until You Are Mine is Book Two in Joseph and Samantha’s two-part Duet. Their story begins in Until You Set Me Free
Until You Are Mine is intended for mature audiences.
Book 2 in the Until You series.4 Stars

Romance | Adult Fiction | Contemporary

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy for a Blog Tour in exchange for an honest review***

Now we are back for more comrades. Yes you read it, book two has commenced and I am loving it. Something I am starting to really like is Davis’s writing style. Her creative dynamics between characters, drama of secondary characters aiding in the suspense and romance of the main characters plus the plot twists that leaves me conflicted beyond belief. I need more.

Picking up where we left off, things have heated up for the couple. After suffering an accident, Samantha is working to pick up the pieces of her life, entering her senior year of high school while Joseph is off to college. Dealing with the death of her father plus issues with her mother and the aiding drama that Jace seems to love bringing to the table, Samantha is lost. Again, brings me back to something I said previously, she isn’t inferior as a female, but she still allows herself to be a puppet for her surroundings. I really want her to grow more as a person instead of developing strictly by whom she leans on for support, like Joseph.

And we are back to the delicious Joseph. Joseph is definitely peaked to this almost unhealthy obsessive individual, one in which I pine for and yet scared to admit it freaks me out a little for Samantha. He is passionate and he is rather over powering. But even in this state their romance still blossoms into this all-consuming need for one another, Joseph absolutely worships the ground Samantha walks. I am envious of this fictional romance. 

Playing on the drama as well there is some more twists and turns that really took my breath away, not to mention kicked me right in the gut. Without spoilage, because you need to read this, but to be fair, the drama on the secondary characters really takes your head for a spin. First with Jace, obviously being Jace, I am wondering what kind of person does this to a sister, to a best friend who is like a brother – it is questionable. Than you have more of Joseph’s family playing a factor. Michael and Fin in tow, definitely adds something I wasn’t expecting on the twist. 

Bottom line – I am hooked. I am still just as hooked as I was from book one and into book two. Now with Until You Say I Do in my greedy little hands (aka my kindle…) I am ready to have this story come to closure and see what actually happens with my beloved characters. Davis has captivated me body and soul, I need more of her. This is definitely a great series!

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