Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Romance

Review: Until You Set Me Free | Until You Series by D.M. Davis

UNTIL YOU SET ME FREEAn emotionally charged romance, intertwined with tragedy, force the career-minded heir and his best friend’s irresistible sister to choose between their careers, their hearts, and the safety of the ones they love. 

Sexy girl-next-door Samantha has no idea how attractive she is. She buries herself in her high school studies, focusing on graduating early from college and heading into a successful tech career. She’s beautiful, sassy, and confident in her abilities, except when it comes to attracting the man she’s afraid to want. 

Tech guru Joseph’s future is already mapped: he’s expected to join the ranks of the family business, McIntyre Corporate Industries, to head up the technology wing and keep it on the cutting edge. Joseph needs to focus on his future career, his birthright, and not on romancing his roommate’s sister. 

Will Joseph step up and be the man she needs? 

Can Samantha trust she’s the woman he wants? 

Until You Set Me Free is Book One in Joseph and Samantha’s two-part Duet.

Until You Set Me Free is intended for mature audiences. 

Book 1 in the Until You Series.

4 Stars

Romance | Adult Fiction | Contemporary

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy for a Blog Tour in exchange for an honest review***

Well shimmer my timbers lassy, this was definitely something. Something is the one word I can think of right now that encompasses because holy nuggets I am still spiraling down. 

First and foremost, I did enjoy the plot. It was fast paced, it was captivating – it circled around the main characters, Joseph and Samantha. There was this interesting dynamic that really involved all of the characters, particularly the family of Samantha that aided in the suspenseful drama, so it didn’t all surround the romance. On top of that, this adds a little more depth to some of the secondary characters. Really adding on more drama. 

Speaking of the main characters and the romance, the main thing I think of when imagining them is simple. It was all-consuming, it was overpowering and it was overwhelming. The romance was overwhelming. 

Samantha on one spectrum was this spunky teenager – yep you read that, she is a teenager. But she is also intelligent but she is very fragile. I don’t want to use inferior because she is a strong female character, but she is nonetheless influenced greatly by her surroundings and her circle of people, like her brother Jace, mother and father, and even her friend Margot. Lets not forget the fact that once Joseph gets in the mix, he play a huge role on her mindset. So as much as I liked her, she irked me slightly then I reel it back in because of her age – I mean honestly I was a hot mess at 17…

Then you have the deliciously scrumptious Joseph. Bend me over and call me sweetness, please and thank you! I liked him, I liked him a great deal off and on throughout. He is an older gentlemen, in the twenty/twenty one range, so it isn’t as creepy, so don’t think the romance is this huge age gap.  I digress, lets reel this one back in. Joseph is the kind of sweet, diehard have your back kind of dude with this delicious need to be a caveman. I like it.

Fireworks. That is what Joseph and Samantha are together. They have this line drawn between them, for starters the age, secondly they have somewhat of a trust that needs to be built between them, I get it – but at times their romance was just drowning it was beyond a web of confusion. I liked it, and I hated it. It is hard to describe without spoiling, but I loved the romance, it was juicy, it had passion, it had beauty; but it also had this overpowering plot that just sent me over the edge and I just could not pick myself up. 

Overall, I definitely enjoyed book one in Until You Series. This was one of those overwhelming and engaging read, fast paced with an inciting twist. The romance is definitely fierce, when I wasn’t drooling, I was sitting on the edge of my seat screaming: WHY? JUST MAKE OUT! Oh definitely total swoonage. 

Honestly I cannot wait to dive into Until You Are Mine because I need to know… I need to know what happens next to Samantha and Joseph, seriously I am invested. 

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