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Review: Jock Row | Jock Hard Series by Sara Ney

JOCK ROWScarlett is always the sensible one: The sober driver. The planner. The one holding your hair back while you’re worshiping the porcelain gods. 

Week-after-week, she visits Jock Row with her friends—the universities hottest party scene and breeding ground for student athletes. And if keeping her friends out of trouble, and guys out of their pants, was a sport, she’d be the star athlete. 

Being a well known jock-blocker gets her noticed for all the wrong reasons; just like that, she’s banned from Jock Row. NO GUY WANTS A GIRL AROUND WHO KEEPS THEIR JOCK FRIENDS FROM GETTING LAID. 

“Rowdy” Wade is the hot shot short-stop for the universities baseball team—and the unlucky bastard who drew the short straw: keep little Miss Goody Two-Shoes out of the Baseball House. 

But week-after-week Scarlett returns, determined to get inside.

5 stars

Romance |New Adult | Contemporary | Sports/Academic

Is it just me or does Sara Ney always have the most lickable covers? I mean seriously, I just want to osmosis my body on top of this hunk of man meat and call it happy hour…

Well, that was the most random tangent ever in history I am sure, so before I go into the ins and outs of what covers turns my goats, I should actually give legitimate details. Ney is one of my favorite authors, she is actually one of those auto-buy type authors that regardless of the synopsis, I will buy anything she produces. Her ability to write cocky, entertainingly hilarious plots have hit home for me. I loved her Douchebag series, currently in the middle of her Kiss & Make Up series, I can’t get enough. Her writing style is just perfection. She knows how to write a straight up believable asshole for me to swoon to the floor in a puddle of mush.

Her characters for me are always something of a believable mixture with the ability to relate on some degree. I could probably pin point at least 2 to 3 fun facts about myself that in turn relate to her characters, and I flipping love that. Regardless of any exaggerated tones in the romance itself (because lets face it, romance novels are the exaggerated ideas…) it is real. There are connections as a reader you hit base with the fictional characters. 

Scarlett for example is perfection. Definitely one of my favorite female leads I have come across. She is spunky, smart, cunning, charmingly hilarious, and she doesn’t give two shits about other people. She can spit insults with the best of them and holds her ground. I like it. I love her word vomit that has a purpose to sting, and though she does at times have this shy, innocence personality that came off slightly awkward, she is still a force of all woman and I want to be her best friend. Scarlet grew on me like a cute, dimply weed. All reference to Rowdy, who I adored. Smitten at first glance I tell you. Though at first, he comes off like that jock of a douche (I’m a sucker for them, married a douchebag asshole myself…) yet he has this charismatic, softie personality. It was quickly made evident that he wasn’t like the rest of his buddies. Even with his large ego and perverted jokes, he was the biggest treat – delicious.

One thing I will say that really gripped me whole heatedly was that for ONCE the romance path was not predicable. I mean, yeah yeah, they end up together, but it wasn’t that normal: meet up, sizzle sizzle sexy time, argue, drama, breakup, make up – sizzle sizzle yum end – that is a romance novel in a nutshell, you are welcome. But no, with Scarlett and Rowdy they were just in this other bubble that didn’t follow the same norm. They became friends, they enjoyed one another, I was giddy and smiling during their entire build of the romance. Best part, there wasn’t some random drama factor, it was them getting to know one another, enjoy the company that turned into a romance. 

It was perfection.

The laughs, the hilarious banter, the witty comments down to the sexual attraction that was burning off the pages once that move was finally made. It was the perfect pacing in the most minimal amounts and I cannot gush enough about it.

It never ceases to amaze me how much I love Sara Ney’s writing style. Each book I read of hers never shortens my expectations of what goodies I am in for the second I start reading. She is absolutely a treat. Every romance I dive into of hers I am left with the most chuckling of laughs that my stomach hurts, the best heart warming swoonage and above all, just phenomenal atmosphere settings that are believable. I couldn’t tell you any more how much I gush for her, and you need to check her out!

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