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Review: I Dare You | The Hook Up Series by Ilsa Madden-Mills

I DARE YOUWall Street Journal bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills kicks off a brand-new, sexy, heartfelt contemporary romance series with I DARE YOU!

Badass Athlete: I dare you to…
Delaney Shaw: Who is this?

The late night text is random, but “Badass Athlete” sure seems to know who she is…

Delaney Shaw. 
Good girl.
Lover of fluffy kitties and Star Wars. 

His dare? Spend one night in his bed—a night he promises will be unforgettable—and she can solve the mystery of who he is. 

She knows she shouldn’t, but what else is she going to do with her boring Valentine’s Day?

One sexy hook-up later, her mind is blown and the secret’s out.

Maverick Monroe.
Bad boy.
The most talented football player in the country.
Just ask him.

Too bad for him Delaney’s sworn off dating athletes forever after her last heartbreak.

But Maverick wants more than one night and refuses to give up on winning Delaney’s heart. She isn’t one to be fazed by a set of broad shoulders. 

Will the bad boy land the nerd girl or will the secrets they keep from each other separate them forever?

5 stars

Romance | New Adult | Academic/Sports | Contemporary

***Received an Advanced Readers Copy for a Blog Tour in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Book Ends Tours and Ilsa for gifting a copy of I Dare You***

My book boner is strong with this one. 

Seriously this was definitely a new personal favorite in my ever growing love for sports sub genre in the romance world. I cannot stop, won’t stop. For someone who does not watch sports in the least bit, I cannot seem to stay away, gushing over everything I dive into….

What did I love the most about I Dare You, aside from the obvious chemistry which is always the biggest backbone – can’t have a romance without chemistry. At least knowing I will get to that tidbit shortly, there is some key elements that really made me enjoy everything about it. For starters, I loved the overall idea. The college setting with the adorable introduction of Delaney and Maverick, freshmen in college during the prologue hooked me at the start then fast forwarding to junior year, seeing their lives twisting… I found it incredibly adorable. That pacing alone set it up for a good plot.

Really I liked the themes most of all between the personal conflicts of the main characters, it gave them a more in-depth dimension to their characters personality instead of just being solely based on a physical attraction. Maverick had some of the most tear jerk moments. He had literally gone through so much in his life that you can’t help but sympathize for him. It really clashes with the broody, asshole cocky jock that everyone, including Delaney believes he is, when really Mav may have a large ego, but he is definitely a closet softy.

Delaney is also someone who struggled growing up which really plays a huge part on their empathetic feelings towards one another as the relationship escalates. Not only that, but Mav is consonantly breaking down her walls after swearing off football players, he just isn’t the same person as her cheating ex-boyfriend Alex. Something else I really enjoyed about her character was that at times she allowed her feelings to get the better of her, not in an overly weak, inferior woman, but someone who simply hits a breaking point and has a good cry, then jumps up and continues on with life. I personally just really liked her personality.

Them together though, whoooo – between the secret text messages prior to Delaney knowing it was Maverick to the moments leading up to the discovery, then the drama following… hot damn. Not only do they have a friendship, an emotional connection but the sexual chemistry is melting off the pages. It was hard not to be all hot and bothered by their chemistry.

Hands down, I am in love. Ilsa Madden-Mills slays me. For my first book by this author she really set the bar high on whatever it is that I read next of her work. Everything from her writing style, the quirky cute scenes that are believably adorable to the sexy chemistry that drips from the pages making me swoon – just perfection. I Dare You was fast paced, fun, entertaining with such great character development and chemistry jammed in such a short spam, leaving me satisfied all around. I cannot wait to see what happens next in the series!

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