Announcement: Upcoming Posts

ANNOUCEMENTEvening all my furry friends! With May starting up, I know that many followers are starting to see some new features coming through on my Blog. So I figured I would start doing quarterly updates (announcements) of some items you may be interested to be on the lookout for that will be quickly added to my daily/weekly/monthly type posts.

Obviously I will still continue doing my read reviews and blog tours, that will not change. I am simply expanding (finally…ugh so late to the party) my post adventures. So what might this entail for this quarterly announcement? No fear comrades, lets just dive in!

  • Monthly Wrap-Ups – End of the Month Post
  • Monthly TBR Lists – Beginning of the Month Post
  • Top Somethings List – Debating. This will be either a once-a-week post or bi-weekly. This will contain any type of lists all bookish related. Just a fun post.
  • Hints & Tips – Mid-Month Post. Giving my personal perspective on bookstagram, pictures, editing, camera tips, etc. I am still debating on the title as well! 

Coming SoonSome other things I am working steadily on that will come in the future, both I have been dabbling in the ideas to the point that now I want to get them jump started. One in particular is something I am really big to my fangirl lifestyle. I love watching movie adaptions. This gave me the bright idea to expand even further on reviews. Be aware I am still working out the kinks of our I want to present this. whether creating an entire sister-related blog site, combining with Suey Library – still just in a pickle with the details.

  • Novel to Film – Coming Soon! This will contain spoilers on BOTH books vs movie
  • Vlogging – Coming Soon!


So that does it for the first ever Suey Library Announcement Post. I hope this makes everyone excited to see what is to come, I am definitely looking forward to adding more diversity to my posts. Don’t forget to follow me on IG, Bookstragram, & Goodreads! Happy reading comrades! 

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