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Review: Sovereign | IRDESI EMPIRE Series by Addison Cain

SOVEREIGN(b)There is no Quinn without Que. 

Her only family murdered, the males of her species governing the prison designed to contain her, she mourns. Que had been her world, but it is Sovereign who enters her body day and night. 

No man has loved a woman more, and no woman has hated a man with such passion.

She cannot help it. Designed to be the perfect slave soldier, programmed to exterminate her own kind, Sigil wants nothing more than to butcher those who would save her.

Sovereign’s many Brothers lavish her with attention, taking turns practicing seduction to woo the only female who might propagate their species. No matter twisting limbs or thrusting bodies, no matter opulent gifts and distraction, Sigil sees what they seek to hide. 

There is a dangerous secret Sovereign and his Brothers cannot conceal forever, though they are willing to risk the empire, their lives, and even her sanity trying. Is that not the definition of love?

Publisher’s Note: The second installment in Addison Cain’s provocative and raw Irdesi Empire series is a dark tale with explicit sexual themes and complete power exchange. Some scenes are written to be disturbing. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.

5 stars

Science Fiction | Fantasy | Dark Romance | Erotica | Menage

This is the updated version, new edits and extended from the original released Sovereign. I received this copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Addison Cain for this opportunity!

Well hot damn! That was a cluster fuck whirlwind I was not entirely prepared for in the least bit – I really don’t know if my heart is pounding from all the plot twists or melting for the delicious moments. Oh be still my speckled heart, I need a Karhl in my life.

I loved Sovereign. There I said it, I admitted it.  After the ending from Sigil, I was beyond curious to see how things would end up for the brotherhood and our badassery female lead. The politics, the sexual connections, the deception; I was ready to see what would happen next! So here we are, picking up right where we left off – the brotherhood taming the last woman in their race who is a closed shell of emotions with a powerfully wicked ability. AND THERE IS CANNIBALISM. Is it wrong to be so enamored by a cannibalistic psychopath? Not to mention when her legs are spread. 

Speaking of which… Sigil/Quinn has been a mystery to me. Each detail towards her personality brings so much more to question everything about her. She is ruthless, cunning, impulsive, sociopath tendencies, but yet she has feelings. Her broken shell is beyond adamant. She has so many changes to her personality that she definitely is a psychotic woman. Leaves the question – which brother will tame the wild beast first?

Oh my lanta….the brotherhood was a complete shit show of what the fuck were they thinking amazing hot mess. That is my complete emotions in a nutshell. Getting more of their perspectives while interacting with Sigil was fantastic. Sovereign on one hand is possessive, all consuming type figure. Wanting to own Sigil in every aspect is how I felt his character molded to the plot line. This even includes all his dark secrets, he does however have a personality change. I am still on the fence with how I should appreciate him. I thought it was enticing switch, but strange at the same time. In book one, he is this intimating force yet he caves towards his feelings more this round – definitely feel something brewing.

Along with the Sovereign, we get more of the brotherhood in book two, which I personally enjoyed the most of – firstly Tiburon is a complete enigma to me. Wanting to claim Sigil in one round, then altering this to submissively being her own control. But it was honestly Karhl who I wanted – no NEEDED more of and thank you I did. I loved his character. Every moment that he and Sigil were together I was painting. I absolutely enjoyed their connection. 

Because of the supporting cast was such a huge development in book two, I felt it aided more on the politics of the storyline. Obviously we know that Sigil is the last female in their kind, needing her to help continue their species, but the secrets swirling not only Sigil, but the rest of the clan, plus more was just mind boggling.  

Between the plot twists, the characters depths – I am completely beguiled by everything Addison Cain. Her writing style is absolutely stunning; every moment, every scene with each character aided in so much for my imagination that I quickly realized I was living the story with the characters. She didn’t need to elaborate on their personalities because you read it, as a reader, you see it clearly on the pages by their actions, by their presence with one another. 

The absolute agony I felt for the characters, especially Sigil, I was conflicted between being turned on with the perfectly erotic settings or viciously angry over the heartbreaking climatic moments. I just… so much! I cannot wait to read what is comes next, what erotic adventures are in store for these powerful characters… Seriously that cliffhanger has me gushing for more!



SOVEREIGN(A)And as you might have noticed, not only is the version I reviewed the new extended version with new edits, but there is a new cover. At least if you didn’t notice above, you notice it now. This is the stunning cover from the orginial release, though I love it completely and utterly, I cannot help but gush for the new one, which is pictured above. 

I think both capture Sovereign in different aspects. I love the essences of what is portrayed with the original but the newer version is so kickass! I cannot wait to see what comes about with this mystery book three that is on Goodreads, BECAUSE I NEED IT NOW!


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