2018 May TBR List

2018 MAY TBR

First of all, my to be read list is endless. I am warning you right now, between adding more from book tours, cover buys, synopsis yummies that captures my attention – it literally continues to grow. 

My TBR is a black hole – A BLACK HOLE I TELL YOU

Well not only will I give you a quick rundown, I will also show off some of these amazing covers – honestly some days it is really the cover that gives me a reason to read the book. I am that person! 

Boom! There… aren’t they delicious? 

So what else is on my schedule this month that you should be on the lookout for? Well truthfully I have tons of reviews that need to be typed up not only from my April reads, but 2017 reads, so always be on the lookout for my rambles.

But if you are curious about tours, or book reviews that are specifically scheduled this month – look no further than below my furry fwiends.

  1. Sovereign (Revised, Extended Version) by Addison Cain – Special Request
  2. Bro Code by Kendall Ryan – InkSlinger Book Tour
  3. Everything That Follows by Meg Little Reilly – InkSlinger Book Tour
  4. I Dare You by Ilsa Madden-Mills – BookEndsTours 
  5. I Liked My Life by Abby Fabiaschi – GetRedPR
  6. Birds of Paradise by Anne Malcom – InkSlinger Book Tour

So there you have it; a tidbit of my current Book Tour schedules that I have added into my TBR, not to mention some of the books that are  sending evil glares at me. Like Throne of Glass. I KNOW what you might be thinking, and I get it, why the hell haven’t I finished this series? Honestly comrades I have no damn excuse that will justify this. Here is hoping to a good May reading schedule so I can finally say I have read some of these series!

Happy reading my comrades! I will see you later – lets see what we have in store for us!

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