Wrap Up

2018 April Wrap Up

2018 APR Wrap Up

So I am finally expanding my blog posts! I know…. it is about time. In the coming weeks I have some new and adventurous posts I want to bring to my blog! Not only will I start doing my monthly wrap ups, I am also going to start adding in TBRs, plus Top “Somethings” List. I am still fuzzy on all the details (how I want to do them, how frequently), but definitely moving forward to expanding my posts, and I am beyond excited! 

Lets just jump on it, shall we comrades?

I read a scorching 30 books this month – I know its insane in the membrane! Obviously I have no life, that is pretty much what this shows. Needless to say, a lot of the reads were quick, nicely paced overall and I generally enjoyed majority of my reads this month. April was a good month! 

5 stars


4 stars


3 stars


April Label PLaylistAPRIL 2018 Playlist

I think it is definitely obvious I read way too much romance to be considered a sane adult – the porn that is swirling around my head it delicious. I will also admit, I stuck to my TBR to a point then completely veered off course quickly. Lets hope May is a little better outcome on that front, but nonetheless I got a lot done! 

To be honest, a lot of my reads were solely based from ARCs or Blog Tour based reads, and a lot of them, when I found out they were part of a series I had to go back and read their previous read. I couldn’t very well go into a sequel or third, fourth book without reading book one! BLASPHEMY

This is my stop! See you in May!

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