New Adult, Romance

Review: Princess of Ceshela by Teralyn Mitchell

PRINCESSOFEvery little girl wants to be a princess when they grow up…right? 

Orphaned at the age of four, Elizabeth has always been haunted by a feeling of loss and loneliness and the unwavering desire to belong. 

Her life is turned upside down when she arrives home one day to find two strangers claiming to be her parents. Elizabeth quickly realizes that the last 14 years of her life have been a lie, and as the truth unravels she finds out that not only are her parents alive…they are the King and Queen of a Kingdom called Ceshela. Suddenly the teenager goes from an orphan to a Princess who is next in line for the throne. 

Elizabeth begrudgingly returns to Ceshela with little awareness of the dangers that are stalking her, and is quickly swept up in a world she never dreamed of. A world that now includes an overbearing captain of the guard named Nicholas who she cannot stand! 

Will the Princess of Ceshela find her place in her new kingdom, or is she doomed to a life of duty with no true happiness?

4.5 stars

Romance | New Adult

It always amazes me when I find myself in a friendship with an author and I think to myself – holy shit, I am reading my friend’s book. It is really surreal feeling. Teralyn is that person to me; over the past months we have gotten so close, we chat constantly about books, life – anything really. I bought her book well before I even chatted with her, I fell in love with the synopsis and honestly I have fallen in love with her and her writing style. 

Rambling over… on to the good stuff.

I really enjoyed everything about this novel. Princess of Ceshela has some of the best attributes that I look for in many romance novels. What is that you might ask? Well for starters the chemistry and tension filled drama between the main characters, which I will get more to in just a smidge, but the backbone of the story. The twist and turns of the drama infused scenarios that played into the development of the plot was absolutely amazing. 

Between the family drama, the secrets, and hidden agendas between all dynamics of the characters plus the overall atmosphere setting was wonderfully written. It flowed quite nicely. However here is also where I have a slight pet peeve, which is ultimately kept me conflicted about the rating overall. Even though the flow of the novel was great, it was great until it wasn’t. Without conveying any spoilers (obviously) I will admit that at certain points of what I felt were key elements were not progressed enough, or felt a bit rushed. Most of what my concerns were during the dramatic climax, it was there and then it felt short handed. Would have really liked more of that development strengthened and lengthen. 

The chemistry was perfect. I love tension filled romances that are slow building. To me, it makes the couple seem more believable in the short timeframe of the novel going from meeting to lovers. Don’t get me wrong, I love a novel that can speed to the juice, but lets be honest, it is the slow building romances that really dive deeper into the emotional bonds of the characters that always seem to be the best reads.

Nicholas and Elizabeth were this couple. At first there was a type of distaste towards one another, yet secretly had an attraction. Elizabeth, at many times, acts like a naive arrogant child. She is selfish, though has her justified reasons at times, still I felt she really lacked a certain level of poise in the beginning, acting like a brat. Nicholas on the other hand was the enigma that fueled that brat-like attitude, they matched. He was definitely very protectively and menacing, all the right sexy, knowing just how to get under Elizabeth’s skin. This develops overtime into something a lot more captivating. From respect to friendship, it was a perfect connection. By the end I was turning page to page drooling over their tension, WHY WON’T THEY JUST ADMIT THEY HAVE FEELINGS! Rage I tell you, in all the best of ways. I will also admit that I have a huge book boner for Nicholas…

Overall, I really enjoyed this novel. Putting my pet peeves aside for my own personal preference, there wasn’t really anything bad I could say. I definitely recommend giving this a go, it is a quick, intriguing slow build, tension filled romance. It is an amazingly stunning premise with characters you cannot help but adore for their flaws. I absolutely cannot wait to see more, fingers crossed, of Elizabeth and Nicholas in the future and more importantly to read more of Teralyn. Seeing her grow as an author will probably be the BEST experience and I plan to sit (not so…) patiently beside to dive into her worlds.

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