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Review: Night of the Monrok by Aubrey Cara

NIGHT OF THE MONROKTrust your fate and be brave. 

Those were the last words said to me before I was sealed in a crate and shipped to Pacbar. Beaten and broken, I never made it to the capital planet of the Jun’pn Galaxy. My crate was intercepted, opened, and I, a rare valuable creature, was stolen, paraded naked on stage in an open market, and sold to not one, but four Monrok warriors. 

I know what the Monrok want from me. I was created for just that purpose, but I need something from them too. I’m on a mission they cannot know of, yet every moment with my new Monrok masters makes it harder to keep my secret. 

It’s imperative I reach Pacbar and speak to the Galactic Unity Council, for the fate of the galaxy rests on me, a veran concubine.

Romance | Science Fiction | Multiple Partners/MFM 

Received an Advanced Readers Copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Aubrey Cara for providing the ARC. 

Night of the Monrok was beyond intoxicating for me. I read the prologue thinking, what am I really about to read? Holy nuggets comrades, it twas definitely an intense read. Though I have not read any other books within this universe, I can tell you at this point I will be steadfast in getting more of this!

I really loved the Monrok warrior group – Between Banx, Ast, Jor and Tawn I am beyond swooning and possibly drooling. I have to admit for whatever reason I want more Banx. Something about his personality was just flipping drop dead gorgeous. But nonetheless all of the warriors are enough to make your panties drop. They all have such different personalities yet are this bromance of a unit – really fun dynamics. 

Sana was a really enjoyable character. She is definitely a strong thought out character, though she is a concubine, she isn’t this weak character. The way she interacts with the group both as a unit and while their one on one encounters, she definitely sets the scene with everyone she is in contact with. 

Something else I really enjoyed not only was the perspective changes between the warriors and Sana was the politics and drama filled goodies between the situation. Granted the the erotica was the main attribute (all good things….) there were other details to the plot. There were hidden agendas, political caste systems – it is definitely really well built without having to drown out the flow of the novel. 

Overall, this was definitely a phenomenal read. Fast paced with the drama and action while still giving beyond enough erotica to curb your dirty mind. There was intrigue, there is other details to the premise that makes this not just erotic, though the sexual contact is definitely the heightened aspect of the novel – so good. I loved the characters and I enjoyed the book – I definitely want to go back and read more of this world, plus the possibility of seeing this group in later books would be freaking amazing.

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