Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

Review: Evil Unleashed | Unseen Evil Duology by Kelly Hashway


Kaylan Bradford thought having her boyfriend decide her future for her was the worst thing ever. She couldn’t have been more wrong. Discovering the truth about her past sets in motion a slew of events that unleash evil on the world.

Determined to fix her mistakes, Kaylan resorts to traveling through time, but every move she makes only creates new problems for her to deal with. People are dying, and she’s to blame.

She’ll need to figure out how to battle the ultimate evil…even if it means battling herself…

4 Stars

Romance | Paranormal | Fantasy | Horror | Young Adult

Received an Advanced Readers Copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Kelly Hashway for allowing me the chance to read!

Well totes my goats that was a damn good read.Holy cracker jacks…. wow.

Okay, I am good – I really just had to collect myself. Can I just take a moment to gush? Seriously, what is my favorite thing about authors who write romance with other genres jammed pack into one storyline? It is quite simple, I like it when authors do it right and this my comrades is spot on right

Oh my gosh – thank you! Hashway balances the blend of the romance with the suspenseful fantasy and horror undertones of the premise without drowning out the actual drama. No one likes a romance novel gumming up the works with such a flipping amazing premise. She does just an amazing job with presenting each twist and turn with all types of genres: paranormal to the horror aspect, dwindling down to the fantasy and gushed with the right amount of romance that still sends chills down my arms. I have found it really annoying recently with young adult novels when it is labels multiple genres with romance yet when I read them I am overwhelmed with the romance swoonage that there is practically zero intrigued on the other genres. This is NOT the case with this duology. I say it again, thank you Hashway, you are my wet dream boat.

So before I dive into the romance, which I admit was a little more apparent in this one, the drama that escalates with the rest of the novel that surrounded the romance is beyond all encompassing, I devoured this novel. I loved the backbone of the devil verse good and evil. This really aided in the plot twists, it slayed me. I was not expecting each chapter to be filled to the brim with such explosive plot developments. 

As the book progresses, it is really interesting to see how our humanity plays such a role in deciding the afterlife, thus setting up the future. This is really the biggest key element to both the development of the plot as well as the growth of Kaylan. Kaylan is still struggling with both what Reese did at the end of Unseen Evil while battling her own internal conflicts. She loves Reese, she wants to save him yet the hovering doubt that doing what she wants for her heart might be devastating to all of humanity. I mean seriously, save the one for the cost of millions right? No big deal…

So I like this. I liked the growth that Kaylan went through from Unseen Evil through to Evil Unleashed. She is still this teenager trying to find her place yet she is nothing short of of strong willed personality.  

As for the romance, didn’t think I wouldn’t mention? I really enjoyed Reese and Kaylan as a unit. Even with the curve ball of Riley thrown in there, though I would have much rather his character to have been a little less weak. It was definitely Reese and Kaylan that made the romance so powerful. They really were this all consuming, beautiful love that nothing could get in the way of, I really enjoyed their evolution.

Overall, I loved this duology, and I think I preferred Evil Unleashed more so than Unseen Evil. The paranormal and action was more heightened as well as the suspenseful twists kept me on the edge of my seat each page I turned. I couldn’t have imagined what was going to happen even if I tried. I definitely recommend diving into this duology! I know I plan on adding more Kelly Hashway to my TBR!

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