Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal, Romance, Suspense, Young Adult

Review: Unseen Evil | Unseen Evil Duology by Kelly Hashway

UNSEEN EVILHow can you fight what you can’t see?

Seventeen-year-old Kaylan Bradford has no idea what she wants to do with her future, but dying sure as hell isn’t on top of her list. Yet everywhere she goes, strange accidents happen, each one nearly taking her life. Someone or something is after her.

Reese, the sexy new guy in town, immediately takes an interest in Kaylan, and something about him makes Kaylan feel more alive than ever. Reese isn’t the only new face in Kaylan’s life, though. Riley is beyond gorgeous, and he saves Kaylan’s life more than once.

But Reese and Riley are both keeping secrets—secrets about Kaylan’s future. The more Kaylan discovers about herself, the more the attempts on her life begin to make sense.

Kaylan is desperate to change her fate, but when she discovers the identity of the one who’s trying to kill her, she may not have a future at all.

4 Stars

Romance | Paranormal | Fantasy | Horror | Young Adult

Received an Advanced Readers Copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Kelly Hashway for allowing me the chance to read!

Well goryhell comrades, I was not expecting that in the least! Whew! For my first Kelly Hashway book I say hell yes! When I first saw the synopsis for this duology I thought – yes please, I love paranormal, I love fantasy, jam pack that in a romance trope and I say sign me up baby. Without a doubt this was definitely a suspenseful, edge of my seat, grip me by my proverbial balls and slap me around good. I knew I would enjoy it but I did not know I would devour it the way I had… just amazing.

Why might you ask, did I love this? Easy – lets dive into it and woosh around some hellish things.

Told from the perspective of Kaylan, a teenager who is living an ordinary life; best friend – check, after-school job – check, family issues – check, new hot male student to crush on – check check. But scary enough Kaylan does not have an ordinary life, at least not when her life is constantly at risk by some unknown evil basically trying to kill her. On top of this she falls instantly for the young new student Reese who is also holding his own share of secrets. I mean seriously, what is going on is all I could think within the first twenty percent of this book – the twists and turns in that short amount of time was enough to make me spin.

Honestly I had a love hate for Kaylan for a multitude of reasons. I liked her independent personality, she is fierce and does things on her own accord. However on the other hand once she gets involved with Reese this personality I loved turns a little sideways. Not without good reason – she fears for her life and clinging to the one person who has had her back since day one is understandable. But what irks me is she is so quick to dismiss everything and everyone in front of her giving valid reasoning yet she is completely clouded by Reese, pleasing only each other. Definitely damsel in distress disguised! 

Typical teenage asshole-ness. I know it well. This is why I have a more or less love hate for her character all around because she is believable personality that as a reader, you are able to relate to on some annoying level regardless of the exaggerated premise. I do not miss being a teenager…

Can I also say how much I enjoyed the supporting cast? I felt overall the characters involved with Kaylan has a purpose to the growth of the novel, though at times there were some interesting develops that felt more a plug filler. Nonetheless majority of the time the supporting characters aided in the suspenseful drama that was developing all around them, it was really great building.

Speaking of the drama – sweet baby Jesus I was not expecting that in the least. Seriously the twist and turns just keep coming. I went into this thinking, oh maybe the paranormal will be this and yet I got that – mind blown. Obviously I can’t say what this and that are because that would be a HUGE spoiler, but know, shit hits the fan and the punches continue to cascade through never stopping until you are questionably bruised. 

Overall, this was a fun, fast paced novel that I couldn’t put down once I got started. I really enjoyed Hashway’s writing style – beyond nail bitingly suspenseful. Definitely a page turner that I highly recommend taking whirl in. I cannot wait to start Evil Unleashed because comrades, I am going in now!  

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