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Review: Guarding Suzie by Nicole Flockton

Guarding SuzieAfter getting out of a bad relationship, Suzie Waterson has worked hard for her independence. Nothing is going to throw her off track, even if her life is taking a turn she hadn’t planned on thanks to one night with a sexy Navy SEAL three months ago. 

When Ryan ‘Joker’ Smith gets shot on a mission, the last person he expects to see walk into his hospital room is the woman he hasn’t been able to forget. Her reluctance to have anything to do with him only makes him more determined to be front and center in her life. 

Thanks to her past, Suzie can’t give up her hard fought control over her life, though Ryan’s sweet patience and sensual kisses, makes her want to. But when her life is threatened, she needs Ryan more than ever. Will he make it in time or will their chance to be together be lost forever? 

3.5 Stars

 Romance | Contemporary

Received a copy for an honest review. Thank you Book End Tours & Nicole Flockton for providing the eBook.

I have become quite a fan of Nicole Flockton since my last read because of White Knight. She has such a unique writing style that I am really finding myself wanting more and more to curb my addiction. Ergo my signup for Guarding Suzie book tour! 

Told from the perspective of Suzie and Ryan, the book jumps right into the good stuff from the start. Ryan finds himself in a hospital where his amazing one night stand happens to be his nurse, and Suzie is definitely there to pull some punches on the backbone of this love story. I loved the premise, gush me more please. 

In terms of the characters, I liked them, but did not love them. Ryan is definitely sexy as hell, with an alpha male personality. He is also a really funny character, very compassionate. What can I say, I am a sucker for a good alpha male. Unfortunately it was Suzie who made my opinions on the read a little wishy washy for a better lack of a term. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the chemistry, which I will get to more in a second, but it was Suzie’s overall personality that made me unable to really connect with her. I loved that she had this dark past, she was conflicted female lead who was trying to be strong and move forward as a strong, independent female. My issue however lies with the fact that one minute she is this hardass, hold not punches back then suddenly she is this inferior female who leans completely on Ryan. I personally would have liked her to have been more stubborn perhaps, little less timid. 

Aside from my pet peeve of the looming issues for Suzie, I couldn’t deny that I loved the juicey goodness that was Suzie and Ryan. Hot damn. The connection between them was undeniable, though it had a feel of insta-love, it was nothing short of delicious. I would definitely love to see them more, or even have seen more of their build of the connection. 

I also really enjoyed the supporting cast plus the escalating drama. It was definitely super fun setting and I loved the drama filled action in the end. It really left my heart pounding for a resolve. I was literally sweating with fear that something was happening to Suzie! 

All in all, it was a quick, nicely paced read. I could probably compare it to a novella type short read, but none the less I found it decently enjoyable. Aside from my slight urk-ness of just my personal preference, I definitely still recommend giving Flockton a go. She has a way with her writing style that grips you from start to finish, her storylines are definitely intriguing and the chemistry is off the pages delicious. I won’t deny that I plan on going back to read this series, plus I am looking forward to what comes next! 

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