Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Review: Dirty Rowdy Thing | Wild Seasons Series by Christina Lauren

DIRTYROWDYTHINGIt doesn’t get any better than ex sex… unless you fall in love.

Unlike her best friends Mia and Lola, Harlow Vega has a reputation for always being up for a fling. Twelve drunk and wild hours in Sin City married to the ridiculously hot and rugged Canadian fisherman Finn Roberts, who (no surprise) is amazing with his muscular hands – and his lips and the rest of his body – was just her speed. 

But it was just a thing: dirty, rowdy, and easy… until Finn turns up in her hometown on business. Harlow’s not ready to be tied down, but when the whole crew is hanging out together, there;s just something about him. It may not be love (hell, it may not even be like), but their exciting, tension-filled hookups provide the perfect distraction from the scary life changes they’re both facing – challenges neither is sure how to handle, let alone fix. One night together turns into two, and soon Finn’s mysterious business trip has gone on for weeks. They agreed on the sex – wild, wet, kinky – but now their border-crossing booty call is starting to feel like the real deal. And for two people used to being in control, taking the ultimate plunge by falling in love feels a lot more like flat-out falling. 

5 stars

Romance | Contemporary | New Adult

Well shimmer my loins. Whew. Let me just pick myself up off the floor with this one; sweet baby Jesus that was steamy hot in all the right places. Seriously Christina Lauren have done it again, they have appeased my dirty perverted mind with this delectable read. It is hard to choose at this point which I like more, Bastard Series or the Wild Seasons Seasons. 

I loved the main characters. They were definitely just fun characters to get to see finally play out. Harlow was someone that I just feel would be the best friend you need on your side. She doesn’t put up with bullshit, she is independent and a force of will. Granted her world of straight line is slowly crumbling, she is no longer in control because that is life. I like this about her. Her reactions to her situation are completely believable. She is beautifully flawed yet strong, I think this made her such an amazing character all around.

Finn on the other hand is just as a control freak, which has come with the territory of his personality. He is panty dropping, fuck me seven ways through Sunday lickable. I seriously could not get enough of Finn in this book. I loved his conflicts, his personality, and just his down right rugged dirty sex appeal. 

Let me be straight with you, the chemistry was delicious. It was screaming off the pages to my dirty imagination. I think it was such a fun romance because the first book was all about the romance whereas Dirty Rowdy Thing is more about the fun aspects of just hooking up which is between Harlow, who is early twenties and Finn, who is in his thirties. Same personalities yet with age so completely different. They really feed off of one another. I can’t help but think they were perfect dynamics as a couple, and by the end really realizing their mistakes and moving forward. Harlow and Finn are just that all consuming, revolve around one another type of love – it was beautifully written with a dash of sexy that makes you melt.

Something else that I have always loved about these series from Christina Lauren is that the supporting cast is always so important to the backbone of the stories. I loved seeing Ansel and Mia while getting glimpses of what is to come with Oliver and Lola. Just super fun! 

Overall, nothing I can say is bad about this read. I enjoyed it enormously. Fast paced, solid read with juicy sex that will make a grown woman blush, drama and chemistry was on point and the Christina Lauren writing flare I have come to know and love is orgasming all over the pages. Literally, face cream all over the damn place. So good. I highly recommend picking up this series, I cannot wait to start Dirty Wild Night, I need some Oliver and Lola in my life now. 

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