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Review: Breaking Down | Rocking Racers Series by Megan Lowe

Breaking DownWhen a hot BMX champion butts head with a woman who could kick his arse, it’s only a matter of time before the gloves are off and the heat is on.

What happens when the unexpected flips your world upside down?

That’s the question Jax Ryan must answer when everything he knows and loves is tipped on its head. Adjusting to his new reality is not easy. Throw in the woman of his dreams, who won’t even give him the time of day, and Jax is out of his element.

Bentley La Roche is tough. She’s a fighter, literally. In her spare time, she can be found with the best MMA fighters on the Gold Coast. But she’s guarded and has no interest in getting involved with anyone, especially Jax Ryan.

But when things go from bad to worse for Jax, Bentley’s walls are no match for her desire to help him. Breaking down is easy. It’s the rebuild that’s hard, but so much fun.

4 Stars

Sports Romance | Romance | Contemporary

I received an Advanced Readers Copy for an honest review. Thank you Book End Tours for providing the ARC.

What are some of my favorite tropes or genres? Well that is easy – anything sports romance related definitely gets my goats. Seriously, since I dived into sports romance last year, I will give into any sports genre a go at this point! I was really excited about the synopsis for Breaking Down, not only was this my first BMX type of sport related but also my first Megan Lowe book. 

So lets just kick start this review shall we?

The best part about the protagonists perspectives is that there is great blend of charming and hilarious aspects between both of them. On the one side you have the guarded, hard like personality from the female lead Bentley. I loved her hard ass presence during the novel. It was nice to see that for once, the female lead was the take charge, punch you in the face kind of gal, the one who wanted no relationship. I really enjoyed her personality. Especially how she had Jax’s back as their relationship developed while more importantly did not put up with his bullshit. 

On the one hand we had Jax. This is where my slight dislike for the novel comes into play. I wanted to like Jax, but at the beginning he was so whiny. He complained so much about everything – I couldn’t stand it. Though I have to say the man grew on me. Jax is a big softy; I mean seriously, the man and his flipping kitten Buttons – I just can’t. I think honestly he irked me because he did complain but honestly it was extremely relatable situations to which he also really grew as a character. 

I believe this is ultimately what made me overall enjoy the novel. I liked Lowe’s writing style, I loved how the chemistry of Jax and Bentley combined. With Bentley being the guarded character while Jax was the immature character. Their passion, the way they fed off of one another, it was really emotional. I would have liked a little more tension that was there at the beginning, but nonetheless, there were sparks my friends. 

Although it took a little for me to get into due to the characters at first plus the fact I had a slight pet peeve with Jax’s somewhat whiny personality, I overall liked the novel. Hell, enough for me to realize I needed to buy the other first three books in the Rocking Racers Series. From the writing style of Lowe, the steamy romance between Jax and Bentley that was just easy flowed with the story that was beautifully paced – I couldn’t sit here without recommending you giving this author a read.


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