Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Review: Move the Stars by Jessica Hawkins

It was a hot summer day when I met him on the construction site next to my parents’ house. If I’d known then what I do now, would I have kept on walking? Manning was older, darker, experienced—and I’d trusted him when he said the story would only ever be about us. I’d held those words close and challenged fate, but I had lost.

A part of me is still that sixteen-year-old girl squinting up at Manning, but no matter how far I fall or high I soar, I’ll always be a bird without her bear and nothing without him.

When I close my eyes, I can no longer see her. The decisions I made were to push Lake in the right direction—away from me. But now that she’s gone, would I have made those same choices?

I’d walked away like I was supposed to. I’d kept my distance. I’d bent over backward to keep Lake pure, but she’s no longer that girl, and I don’t know if I can stay away anymore. I only know I don’t want to. She’s still everything I want and nothing I should ever have, but if anyone can move the stars, it’s her great bear in the sky.

5 stars

Romance | New Adult | Contemporary

I cannot gush enough about this series. Move the Stars was beautiful, emotional, well written – just amazing. I was really conflicted about this however, not because in no means did I not like the book, obviously I loved it, but I was sad and happy to see Lake and Manning coming to an end…

There were similarities, yet differences in this book verses the first two. First off, it was similar in the sense that it was still Lake and Manning POV, but different because now it was more balance in one book, not more of the other. Secondly there are some time gaps, we don’t just step right in the moment we left off from the previous. For example, Move the Stars jumps from four years after the end of Somebody Else’s Sky. It again does a time jump a little after the part two begins, this is all good things too, I love the time jumps and they make a lot of sense as you read them because they are such key elements to the growth of the characters and their relationship.

The characters have evolved so much at this point. Lake is no longer sheltered innocent naive little teenager; after being so hurt from Manning’s decision previously, she did a complete one-eighty emotionally and mentally. Though she still in love with Manning, she fights this, she fights everything that reminds her of what she was as a love struck teenager. Lake is trying to do what we all do in that situation, forcing herself to move on, to grow. Manning on the other hand is finally coming to terms with the mountain of mistakes he has made, one in particular, pushing Lake away when really he wants her. Manning craves her, and wants to fight for her. 

This is the build I have been waiting for. Lake and Manning’s chemistry up to this point has been a clash of platonic, forced brotherly affectionate, friend-zone to forbidden attraction, jealous rage and even forced distance in the sake of a better future. Now their tension, all that angst emotions that have been bottled up for years collide, and it is steamy. Manning and Lake together romantically is all consuming lust-filled, heart warming type of feels. I loved their connection, the drama that circled them, the drama that followed them afterwards. Everything surrounding Lake and Manning was overwhelming. 

Time and time again I will say this: READ THIS SERIES!

I cannot stress that enough. Move the Stars was absolutely stunning. It was the perfect end to such an amazing and emotionally phenomenal building connection. I loved reading Lake and Manning’s story, it was absolute perfection. Then again, I have come to expect nothing less than perfection from Jessica Hawkins.

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