Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Review: Roomies by Christina and Lauren

ROOMIESMarriages of convenience are so…inconvenient.

Rescued by Calvin McLoughlin from a would-be subway attacker, Holland Bakker pays the brilliant musician back by pulling some of her errand-girl strings and getting him an audition with a big-time musical director. When the tryout goes better than even Holland could have imagined, Calvin is set for a great entry into Broadway—until he admits his student visa has expired and he’s in the country illegally.

Holland impulsively offers to wed the Irishman to keep him in New York, her growing infatuation a secret only to him. As their relationship evolves from awkward roommates to besotted lovers, Calvin becomes the darling of Broadway. In the middle of the theatrics and the acting-not-acting, what will it take for Holland and Calvin to realize that they both stopped pretending a long time ago?

3 Stars

Romance | Contemporary | New Adult

I love Christina Lauren books. I have been hooked since Bastard Series and now that I am head first in Wild Seasons, it is definitely their writing style down to their character dynamics – they are some of my favorite. I was super excited about Roomies being released, I really liked the synopsis. 

Couple things that I really enjoyed right from the start was Holland. I admired her personality completely. It is almost refreshing to see a female lead of her perspective, she is beyond believable, just outright relatable. Holland is basically in that stage where she is figuring out her life, she isn’t making the best choices (almost a settling type scenario) though she is living to the best of her ability by the side of her uncles. She strives to impress everyone surrounding her yet is flawed enough to not realize she needs to first impress herself, she isn’t prideful. Her conflicted internal emotions are imperfectly perfect. I love her inner struggles because they are flawed, she isn’t untouchable nor unbreakable and her personal growth is spectacular. Definitely one of my favorites.

As for Calvin, he was the perfect mystery man. I think he was a Casanova in the making without even realizing it. He completely drips with sex appeal, his charm is almost adorable it hurts. Which is why the chemistry is great between Calvin and Holland. At the beginning, Holland is borderline stalker with her crush on him to which he has no idea of this. So her feelings are already there when they strike up this deal, so as the reader you basically get the build of Calvin’s attraction to Holland. They really do have a great chemistry.

Though they had a great chemistry build, there were some lacking factors I wish had been explored more, or possibly developed in bigger depths. For example, when they decide to marry, they run down the list of how to make things believable. Maybe I am a sucker for filler builds, but I would have really liked to see the texting flirtation more frequent. Not only that, the tension between then was great, did they like each other or were they playing a part, it was a great push and pull yet it still lacked build throughout. It was like once they reached a point they gave into their attraction but then it was more an underlining tone to the rest of the plot. Their chemistry was not as predominant. I do not know how to explain it other than that I just wanted more to the build, more to their depth within the chemistry, it just hit a climax and then boom that was it. It really felt like it took a backseat to everything else, which blows because this is a romance, the chemistry is the main aspect.

Overall though I struggled with the rating. Normally I would not hesitate to give Christina Lauren anything less than 4 Stars, but with this I had to land on a soft point of three stars. My issue, aside from the noted pet peeves above, the underlining basis of my distaste is that recently their books lack a certain level of appeal for me. The chemistry is good, somewhat mediocre on some levels as the plot continues, but it is mostly that I feel their writing style went from jaw dropping sexy in comparison to Bastard Series to almost a mushy romance, almost women’s lit. Not saying this is entirely bad, but I have come to expect a certain level of sex appeal, wanton emotions, tension building scenes yet Roomies did not entirely deliver. 

Again, this may just be my personal preference, not that this took away from my complete obsession for these authors, but I just was left somewhat disappointed. I wanted sex, I wanted angst – I needed more of the relationship than what I was given. I am still a diehard Christina Lauren fan, I am definitely looking forward to future novels for sure. 

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