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Review: White Knight by Nicole Flockton & Abigail Owen

WHITE KNIGHTModern-day King Arthur meets Snow White for a surprising happily ever after in this magical mash-up of legends and fairy tales.

The victim of an ancient curse, Sasha White has wandered the world alone for centuries. The only way out of this endless, lonely cycle is to break the fabled Immortality Stone, which she’s finally located. Infiltrating Chevalier Jewels as an expert diamond cutter, she’s determined to steal the stone from her employers—the same seven men her wizard father was once sworn to shield.

Security expert Derek Arthur has gone undercover in order to catch a jewel thief for his latest, and greatest, client. But all his military training didn’t prepare him to deal with Sasha, the woman Chevalier Jewels assigned as his boss to complete the disguise. The need she ignites within him catches him off guard. Meanwhile, his own powerful secrets are attracting mysterious visions and dangers at every turn.

Can an immortal jewel thief and the man hunting her down find trust a way to trust? Or will the evil that separated them long ago continue to deny them their true destiny?

4 Stars

Romantic Fantasy | Paranormal Romance | Fairy Tale | Retelling

***Received the ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***

Have I mentioned how much I love retellings? Though I don’t know if this completely fits that mix, it is a little more complex in the best kind of ways. It is a combination of legends, fairy tales, and classic stories all jumbled into one really intriguing premise. I was really hooked the second I read the synopsis. 

Diving right in, some of the things I really enjoyed from the start? The characters hands down. Derek is beyond delicious. I adored his personality. I felt his outward persona was a struggle between being a chivalrous gentlemen while enforcing his dominant alpha male. Not in an caveman way, but in a sexy protective way. I was hooked on him. As for Sasha, I couldn’t help but connect with her. She was a great female lead; driven, didn’t put up with bullshit and had a game face the entire time. 

Because their personalities had this type of depth, I think they created a really great chemistry where both wanting to step up for dominance yet leaned on one another. Their connection was strong from the start, there was definitely an insta-connection but not insta-love, which played out beautifully. Their romantic build was driven throughout the majority of the novel, learning to trust each other while still being guarded. Both having a goal to do, yet not realizing they were meant to do it together. The sexual attraction and electricity they had definitely brought them together but it was so natural. The authors took the time to explore and grow their romantic feelings instead of jumping straight in. Really enjoyed the build. 

Whew.. and can I say when the relationship was steam-filled with the most delicious sensual feels – it was a damn good connection.

However there is just a slight pet peeve I have, which is ultimately kept me from raising the rating. During the beginning it took a little push to really get invested. At the jump there is so much going on around the world building that I was left slightly confused. I will say as the novel continues to develop the plot set up, some of these confusing plot holes lead into more better explanations. For me personally it just took away a little of the premise until everything finally unfolded. This also leads me to the ending. That climax was flipping brilliant and then nothing – it all stops. There is just a wide opening for more, so I am really hoping this is a series. The main conflict isn’t resolved and it is bothering me not to know.

Overall, I really enjoyed White Knight. For my first Flockton and Owen books, I am really impressed with their collaboration novel. I will definitely have to keep a watchful eye on their releases, I would really like to see more from them on my TBR. The writing style flowed decently together, the characters were the right amount of chemistry build leaving me wanting more of their story. I definitely want more of Derek and Sasha in my life. 

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