Wick and Fable, Wrap Up

Wick & Fable – 2017 Review


In the famous words of Joey, can I get a: WHOAH?!

Seriously the bookish candle boner activated hardcore on this one, the scents be strong with this one my young padawan. Why? I have no clue. Candles are just the most extensive bookish merchandise I splurge on, this and bookmarks. My wallet cringes, literally – I think my wallet is hiding or maybe that was my husband hiding it from me. At this point I wouldn’t put it past my husband.

Many know that I am a Wick & Fable Rep and have been I think since May? Maybe it was April. Either way it has been such a huge honor to have been with this company for as long as I have and I hope to continue (assuming Jess doesn’t murder me after this) representing this company. Which is why we are here because a buddy gave me a dandy-like type of idea and said, why not go over my addiction with everyone? I said: sure, why not?

I hope you are ready for this…

Lets go over so ground rules or disclaimers, all depending on how you want to look at this. I say this because let’s face it, I want to make sure everyone is on the same page with me while I do this:

  • First and foremost, I am doing this of my own free will. Wick and Fable had no say in my ratings or altered my opinions in any way shape or form.
  • This by no means is to used to discuss ANY OTHER bookish candle company other than Wick and Fable, with this being said, any comments that are negative in a matter of sense that is anything other than constructive criticism will be deleted. I will be happy to address any concerns, but let’s be respectful. We are not here to degrade nor belittle.
  • I will be rating the listings in two ways – The first rating listed by the candles will be strictly 5 STAR rating. This is determined solely by the scent strength and how it burns –  5: GREAT BLEND, GREAT BURN, 4: Good Blend, decent burn, 3: Faint, or subtle blend mixture, OK burn, 2: Very Faint/Subtle Blend, not pleased with the burn, 1: Too Subtle, blend doesn’t mess well, and subtle burning scent. The second rating you will see will be 3 star rating by EMOJIS! Because I do what I want…, 3: FAVORITE (Highly Recommended) – 😍 , 2: OK (Recommend-ish) – 😶 , 1: LEAST FAVORITE (…) – 🤮 to which I will give my opinion as to why I like or dislike the candle. You will see them appear as follows 5 STARS /  😶 – I want to rate this way because the candle itself might be a strong blend and burns with the mixtures, but I personally may not like the preference, which I will give a reason why, hence the emoji.
  • Keep in mind, again, with both ratings are based off of my opinion, something I find faint, you might find strong, or I find delicious, you might not be partial to that blend. This is very subjective!

On to the real reason we are all here – am I really biased? & do I really like every flipping candle I get from Wick & Fable?

Favorite Theme Sampler of 2017: September Sampler – MAYHEM

I loved the Mayhem box theme more than the others, I know don’t get me wrong – GRISHA was kickass, but strictly in my favorite genre theme, the Mayhem was right up my ally.

  • Howlers – 5 STARS / 😍 (smoky cedarwood with maple syrup and hints of crackling wood) | Firstly, I know some people did not care for this candle but me, I flipping loved it – let me explain why. Red Rising is all about fighting each other, brotherhood, blood – it shouldn’t be a fluffy scent type of candle, it needed to be rough, needed to smell like crackling wood and the scent with the syrup that almost smells burnt, to me, this candle makes me think of the book & it burns amazing!
  • The Republic – 5 STARS / 😍 (smoky firewood blended with warm spices of clove and cinnamon bark) | The blends with the firewood and spices just smells smooth, strong and smooth. It almost smells like a type of cologne. Insert beaver drool here…
  • Ignite, My Love – 3 STARS / 😶 (musk base woven with sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli) | It smells strong, but when it burns really makes me think of a fabric softener, which isn’t a bad thing – just not my favorite blend
  • The Ground – 4 STARS / 😶 (spearmint with herbal eucalyptus and earthy woods) | I love the spearmint and eucalyptus that comes off, it smells like a nice bath type imagery, however my issue with this candle is that the spearmint really overpowers the earthy woods, which wasn’t my happy place.

Favorite Scents ALL Around in Sampler of 2017: December Sampler – Holiday of Hogwarts

In terms of why? Well because majority of the scents from this box were mostly food based scents (which made me hungry) and in my opinion Wick & Fable slayed it. It was like a Hogwarts Christmas wet dream of scents in my nose – all good things my friends.

  • Happy Christmas, Harry – 4 STARS / 😶 (pine cones burning in a fireplace with Holiday Spices and Christmas Cookies) | Decently strong scent, I like the blends, I am a huge pine fireplace scent which is my favorite that comes off, it burns really strong
  • The Three Broomsticks – 5 STARS / 😍 (vanilla and steamed milk blend with intense espresso) | My favorite of the sampler, I love the vanilla and milky, buttery blends, it smells like french vanilla latte with a sweet side
  • Weasley Jumper – 3 STARS / 😶 (spicy vanilla with cinnamon, cardamom, and hint of nutmeg) | Overall, the blend reads good, and it smells decent, just not my favorite mixture
  • The Yule Ball – 5 STARS / 😍 (pink pomegranate and hints of coconut infused with pine, fresh balsam and frozen woods) | Another favorite candle blend from this box; I LOVE pine and balsam blends, the coconut adds a sweetness to it that you normally don’t get from richly Christmas scents
  • Holiday Feast – 4 STARS / 😍 (creamy white chocolate truffle blended with berries and wine) | This reminds me of those chocolates that have a berry or orange flavor too them, this one is obviously chocolate with the berries and wine really create that scent of the chocolate. Burns really well as well – the chocolate is really rich.

Least Favorite Scents  ALL Around in Sampler of 2017: May Dream Spa Kit | LUXE

Do not get me wrong, this was actually a really fun box overall. I loved the bath products that were included, and there is one candle that was absolutely stunning however what throws me off is that some of the candles were just too damn strong for my personal preference. Not to mention there were two candles that had a faint similar undertone of scents…

  • Illyrian Warrior – 5 STARS / 😍 ( sexy, fresh aroma blended with aquatic top notes, jasmine citrus and bergamot) | This is my husbands second favorite candle from Wick and Fable, he stole this once he helped me do the unboxing… It is a very strong burning candle and smells amazing; the jasmine and aquatic aroma is very apparent, really smells like a spa room.
  • Court of Dreams – 3 STARS/ 😶 (soothing sandalwood and warm tonka beans with white citrus, midnight flowers and soft breezes) | Very subtle scent, but in a good way, I enjoy the sandalwood and still burns well, but has a very subtle burn
  • Court of Nightmares – 4 STARS / 🤮 (bold, sophisticated blend of crisp alpine air and frozen mountain, with hints of iced vetiver and pine) | This is a stronger type of scent, not one of my favorites personally, but it is a very strong burn and scent blend; at first I really enjoyed the alpine mixture, but it is just too strong
  • Inner Circle – 3 STARS / 🤮 (crafted to capture each individual in Rhysand’s Inner Circle, notes of pine, with cinnamon, warm amber and Dragon’s Blood) | Fairly subtle blend and burns pretty subtle, not really a bad thing, just not my favorite & i also think it smells very similar to Velaris Dreams
  • Velaris Dreams – 3 STARS / 🤮 (crips ozone blend with driftwood and salty sea breeze with hints of water lilies) | Subtle tone, really have to put your nose in it to smell the scents, but burns more strong. Again, it somewhat has a similar undertone to Inner Circle
  • House of Mist – 4 STARS / 😶 (cozy cabin with refreshing top notes of bergamot, eucalyptus and raspberry with fresh mints and pine needles) | Decently strong scent, I personally am a fan of the combination

Best Bookish Themed Sampler of 2017: November Sampler – GRISHAVERSE

Obviously I had to incorporate this in my rating, duh! This was an amazing box. I was definitely pleased with it. The reason I say it is the best bookish themed is because when I smelled the candles I felt like I was in the books, I felt it was really spot on to the books themselves. Which is why we buy bookish candles in the first place, am I right? Or am I right?

  • The Darkling – 5 STARS / 😍 (mixture of vetiver and birch) | Not only because it is based off of my favorite villian, but the Darkling candle smells amazing and burns beautifully. It smells like my husbands body wash with a hint of sweetness… insert beaver drooling here. I am a waterfall of drool, no shame.
  • Thorn Woods – 4 STARS / 🤮 (wild berries infused with cedarwood and hibiscus petals) | Not my favorite, I generally love cedarwood, however the blend with the hibiscus is too strong and the berries and cedarwood blend together and comes off too strong – like too many scents battling over the most strongest scent, really hurts my nose!
  • Sun Summoner – 3 STARS / 😶 (sun kissed peach and tropical papaya, with hints of citrus) | I like the sweetness of it, but the citrus with the peach and papaya is just not my favorite blend, it is almost too sweet while it burns.
  • Pirate King – 5 STARS / 😍 (bourbon and sweet soft caramel blended with sea salt) | I love the bourbon mixed with the caramel – it is really smooth scent and burns really well! Very manly type scent with the tinge of sweet, makes me want to like Nikolai. 
  • Ravka – 4 STARS / 😶 (warm and fragrant blend of vanilla and pinecones) | I love the pinecones mixed with the vanilla, I almost made this a LURVES emoji however because I feel like the vanilla is more overpowering & I am not sure if I like it, but when I burn it, the pinecones comes out more and it really makes me think of Ravka.

Obviously there a A TON more I could go over, but I am going to stop there because this would just be too damn long if I am being honest with you. But just know even though the Anime Classics is not on here, I will admit that 3 our of 4 candles are 😍 so there are plenty of candles I still absolutely love! But again, I want to list some non-sampler candles, give you some recommendations and also still want to list some extra notes.

Too much to say, so little attention spam I am worried to keep…

As for some of the normal, on the shelf current and seasonal candles that are flat out 😍 & I highly recommend:

  • Stalking Jack the Ripper: Cresswell – 5 STARS | I can’t lie, perhaps Thomas played a part in how much I loved this candle, I loved this book and I love Thomas but this candle… gush me more! The Tobacco Leaf with the coffee makes it strong and masculine plus the vanilla to add a nice sweet.
  • Gilmore Girls: Coffee at Luke’s – 4 STARS | ONE OF THE BEST Coffee candles I have ever sniffed on. When I burn this bad boy, literally smells like my house was dipped in a mocha latte of hotness – perfection.
  • Stalking Jack the Ripper: Miss Wadsworth – 5 STARS | Between the mixture of Strawberry and Roses – perfection. The sweetness is strong while burning, one of my absolute FAVORITE candles.
  • Harry Potter: Hog’s Head Inn – 4 STARS | One of my newest additions to my hoarding problem and I am glad I have it. Between the Crackling Fire and the Spices – it is one of the best foodsy themed candles at Wick and Fable.
  • Six of Crows: Inej – 5 STARS | OH MY GOSH… the blend of the Caramel and Vanilla is just amazing. This is such a nice strong yet subtle burn that fills the room with such a sweet fragrance, just amazing.
  • Throne of Glass: Rowan – 4 STARS | This is a snowfall winter candle done in absolute perfection.
  • ACOMAF: Stars Eternal – 4 STARS | This is basically a jolly rancher candle… you are welcome.
  • Six of Crows: Kaz – 5 STARS | Well shit, I really couldn’t tell you if I like this because of the actual character or because of the scent combinations, this is really touch. I kid – seriously though, again with the man meat of scent! You wouldn’t think leather would have a good scent, but mixed with the coffee beans and bergamot, it flows really great together, this candle is just a dream to burn.
  • Wintersong: DER ELKONIG – 5 STARS | Honestly, next to the food scents and the man type scents I cannot get enough. The Patchouli with Vanilla on this blend is just beyond delicious. It is strong both sniffing and while burning. At first I thought it would have been overpowering, but it is overall really manly, rich scent that I just LOVE to burn.
  • Warcross: VIRTUAL CITY – 4 Stars | Even though this doesn’t really make me entirely envision the book the notes do signal some familiar tones that I love from Warcross. Plus, the candle smells amaze-balls burning. The White Tea with Ginger, maybe it is because I like ginger tea? But the strong yet subtle tones that comes out of this candle just make me swoon.
  • An Enchantment of Ravens: The Autumn Prince – 4 STARS | I LOVE BOURBON CARAMEL + WOODS SCENTS… I can’t help it. This one is super smooth while burning. It isn’t overly strong, but it definitely is not subtle burn. The perfect sweet.
  • Seasonal Candles: Midsummer’s Night –  5 STARS | This candle is beyond the most amazing thing you will ever smell! With the water-fruit mixed with the Magnolia, it is strong, burns amazing, literally makes the entire room smells absolutely stunning.
  • Seasonal Candles: October Winds – 4 STARS | Perfect fall candle, no other words can say anything better honestly. It is the perfect combination of pine needles with earthy spices. It has a nice toned burn that fills the room.

I highly recommend you snag Miss Wadsworth! If you love strawberries, this candle is right up your alley. Some other great recommendations if you are curious I suggest checking out? Morder (LoTR), Second Breakfast (LoTR), Winter Walkers (GoT), The North (GoT), Hanami (Flame in the Mist), Cassiah (ACOMAF) and Pumpkin Juice (Harry Potter). Please remember these are all subjective to my scent preferences, so please check them out and if you like these types of blends, I still highly recommend grabbing one!

What about my OK 😶 types of candles in the regular world of Wick and Fable? Again, I still recommend these candles, they are just not some of my ALL TIME FAVORITE candles. Lets take a look:

  • ACOMAF: Morrigan – 5 STARS | The Vanilla Citrus with the Cinnamon was decently strong, and this burns really well, this is actually one of my husbands favorite candles to burn. However, it is not my favorite. Something about the sweetness that comes from the vanilla with the cinnamon burns almost like burnt cinnamon toast-ish. Not horrible, just really weird to me.
  • Harry Potter: Tea with Hagrid – 3 STARS | This by no means is not a bad candle, just really subtle and faint yet when it burns, the mixes of the orange spices and nutmeg are very delicious! Just would have liked the scent to pop more.
  • Throne of Glass: Hello, Princeling – 3 STATS | This one is really subtle all around, but it is still decently sweet burn, so definitely not a bad blend at all! The woodsy is very faint, it is the lavender and violet that I smell more so when I burn it with a cool refresh overlay.
  • Forest of a Thousand Lanterns: Xifeng – 4 STARS | The jasmine and musk mixture is somewhat strong but in a good way, I do enjoy this however I would have prefered a little more of the tea and musk to come through and more subtle on the floral scents that come through.
  • Game of Thrones: Hellfire – 4 STARS | Generally I love the smoke earthy blends, and this one does have a nice sweet smoke scent while burning however at times it does come across too strong in terms of the ash.
  • Seasonal Candles: Under the Stars –  3 STARS |  Overall I do like this candle while burning, the blend of the citrus with the eucalyptus smells really good the only problem I have with it is that sometimes the candle comes across as one of those candles that are the bug candles?

Obviously you want to know those juicy details of the ones I disliked right? Well… you will be surprised to know that list is actually very small:

  • LoTR: The Shire – 5 STARS / 🤮 | This is an extremely strong candle, both burning and just sniffing. I think it is the mixture of floral with herbs that just makes it super overpowering for me… it is a good candle and burns great, just not my preference.
  • Game of Thrones: Valor Morghulis – 4 STARS / 🤮 | This has a decent burn, my husband actually LOVES this candle and normally musk is one of my absolute favorite scents, but the mixtures are just bleh, nothing fancy nor pops out. It is just plain..
  • Seasonal Candles: Glistening Snow – 4 STARS / 🤮 | Overall, the scent is strong and has a very nice burn, while burning the mint and cane comes through that smells good until it isn’t which there lies the problem. It is hard to pinpoint the issue, perhaps the mixture with vanilla and mint and sugar cane while burning, maybe it just doesn’t burn well together?

Whew – we survived? Obviously this isn’t my entire collection, if we did that we would be here for hours, probably days. If you honestly have any questions on what I think of any candle please feel free to ask, I don’t mind in the least. You will notice my go-to scents are earthy based or foodsy-scents. I like strong yet subtle overlay with a nice burn affect. I am not partial on really tenacious floral mixtures, so that plays a HUGE part in what I purchase. So what I might not like, you might absolutely love, nothing wrong with this at all. You will also notice that from time to time I do break out of my comfort ordering things that are not my earthy/musk which is what lead me to Miss Wadsworth – so this is me telling you, if you have a comfort zone on scents, squash it… squash that shit now and buy a candle you have been eyeing but on the fence for due to the mixture, never know might become a huge favorite with the understanding you might also lose your nose senses for a day if the scent is too much. Just take a chance!

Before we close this out, I have ONE more point I want to hit up before finishing up. Think we can hold on? Please stay…

What would I like to see in 2018?

  1. More bookish themed samplers. Let me be more specific, I want to see more samplers surrounding series or authors more. IE: The Raven Cycle, Maas Themed, Meyer Theme, Graudin Theme
  2. Different Fandom Candles, definitely gaming candles
  3. Romance bundle of candles! Maybe a variety of romance themed candles! Hint hint, sampler ideas!
  4. Bring back bundles of past monthly sampler candles, maybe a special sale on past exclusive candles from samplers or a bundle of sorts (thanks @bits_bobs_books for the idea)

So lets give this a good closing note, I personally LOVE Wick and Fable, and I hope this slightly de-buncked the fact that I LOVE every candle that I get, that I actually have an opinion. I promise, there are a TON of candles I love, like and dislike. I highly encourage expressing your opinions about your candle purchases because it is your money being spent, the companies who are working hard to create their dreams (our bookish dreams) become a reality won’t know they are successful without our help!

So… thoughts? Comments? Let me know!

& do not forget – I have a code: SUEYLIBRARY10 for additional % off your order just head over to wickandfable.com! You can also follow them on Twitter and INSTAGRAM, just search for Wick and Fable so that you can be in the know on any of shop updates! Happy Shopping!


2 thoughts on “Wick & Fable – 2017 Review”

  1. This was a totally amaze balls review!!!! And I’ve added some more candles to my buy list that I’ve overlooked many times (looking at you leather note), but I’m now more than willing to give them a chance. I love that you broke it down by strength and the scent notes, so helpful. I’m so excited you did this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad (: I definitely wanted to be more descriptive than ‘me like’ or ‘me no likie’ kind of thing, granted it turned into a super long review, but I was pleased! You will have to come back & let me know what you think of these candles you are getting.


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