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Review: BLACKOUT by Mira Grant


5 stars

Zombie | Science Fiction | Horror

“It’s the oldest story in the world. Boy loves girl. Boy loses girl. Boy gets girl back thanks to the unethical behavior of megalomaniacal mad scientists who never met a corpse they wouldn’t try to resurrect. Anyone coming within a hundred yards of my happy ending had better pray that they’re immune to bullets.”
It’s a bittersweet moment when the end is nearing; not the world obviously, but the last book in the series has arrived in my palms and I am not entirely confident I will write this review in anything but random blurbs, because that is my emotional vomit. To be fair, most of my reviews are just a bunch of mombo-jombo, so let’s just give this one a go, shall we comrades?
Newsflesh trilogy simply exceeds all expectations for me, the writing skill of Mira Grant is beyond some of my favorites demonstrated in just one series. Obviously from the beginning we are thrown into a world that is post-apocalyptic trying to deviate into a political campaign that is dripping with corruption; this has all lead to BLACKOUT.
BLACKOUT picks up right where DEADLINE stopped – right smack dab in the midst of shit and chaos. We are faced with two very surprisingly interesting POVs, Shaun Mason, having discovered something very interesting about himself,  bringing his Irwin status to level = bloody fucking brilliant and a mysterious patient known as Subject 7B that is about to rock the living daylights out of Shaun and our After the End Times crew. Everyone is scrambling in their epic quest to shatter the corruption, uncovering the truth of everything that has been done in the last several decades. The emotional escalation to the action of missions, there are disease carrying mosquitoes, zombie animals (mentions of zombie moose, flipping BEARS… I mean really?), romantic entanglements that are both intriguing and disturbing, more crazy scientist action – I mean seriously, have I mentioned time and time again how shit just keeps getting real?
I will admit though you will be surprised to discover that this has the least amount of zombie action in the entire series, which it again crazy to think considering it is a zombie thriller in essence, but really BLACKOUT is the rolling effect of our human responses, the tangled scenario that makes it completely realistic. Finally the truth of everything is finally being revealed, but to what costs?
I don’t know how else to convey my thoughts on Newsflesh…it is hard to put into less words without completely spoiling…
The biggest key element to the success of this series, in my opinion, is not just the world building and the climatic moments that lead us to BLACKOUT, but it was the development of each cast member that built that world. The characters had flaws that were believable, they had perfections that were ideal, and they had emotions that as a reader transpired from the pages. You felt as the characters did, at least I did – I was invested. Shaun was ultimately my personal more favorable character. His development from FEED, which was reckless Irwin attitude, go head first which cascaded into an even more reckless and desperately pained individual in DEADLINE – he was suffering, and I think in the most captivating way possible, Grant made his pain relatable, made you feel it in your gut. Without a doubt, because of the underlying statements of both Shaun and Georgia as characters, I feel completely connected to them, devoted to their self-sacrifice and their duty to being loyal – I hugely respect them. I think that if the main characters had been played out in an other way, it might not have had the same effects on the outcome of the plot. Their development was just so key to everything – I just couldn’t imagine any detail missing, characteristic not being described, they made the story.
Overall, the ending was catastrophically mind-blowing good. If I could put more words into that small amount of phrase to give more meaning to how much I enjoyed the series and essentially the ending of BLACKOUT, I would – but I think it would deviate from the meaning. From the beginning, the world building has been amazing, leading up to the point where everything is finally laid out to rest the plot entirely. FEED left me completely paralyzed, choked up on sobs then to DEADLINE to which I sat on the edge of my seat trying to stop the ticking time bomb that was Shaun Mason, to somehow help him myself and then into BLACKOUT as the pieces to this puzzle finally made its way into the jigsaw, still leaving an unsettling worry in my bones. Amazing, goryhell it was absolutely brilliant.
I will even admit, without spoiling the secrets and ending, I am very surprised with the ending though certain foreshadowing advised of what could come, I still stand by it was very satisfying ending…Grant is perfection.

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